NESTLÉ NESVITA Yogurt – 400 Grams —

NESTLÉ NESVITA Yogurt – 400 Grams


Guess what? Nestlé now brings NESTLÉ NESVITA Yogurt for all those looking for a power combo of health and strength. With benefits of more Calcium and Vitamin D, NESTLÉ NESVITA Yogurt helps to keep your bones strong and keeps you active throughout the day. So why not have it every day and enjoy life to its fullest.
Bones strong tou mein strong!

Weight: 400 Grams

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated at 4 degrees Celcius. After opening, consume within 4 days.

Features & Benefits:

1 out of 2 women have calcium deficiency and 2 out 3 women are deficient in Vitamin D.  NESTLE NESVITA Yogurt has added Calcium & Vitamin D  and taking two servings of the product will fulfill 40% & 50% daily intake of these key bone health nutrients respectively. Not only this, the yogurt is also low-fat.

Ingredients & Allergen: Milk solids, Stabiliser, Minerals, Natural Sweetener, Vitamin D & Yogurt culture Allergen information: May contain traces of Soya Lecithin