10000 mAh Eclipse Power Bank With 10W LED Lamp


Eclipse - Power Bank - 10000 mAh - Black

This is the newest induction in our Eclipse Power Bank Series, Eclipse holds enough power to charge general smartphones up to six times. The high-capacity, portable Power Bank's dual ports allow simultaneous charging of multiple power-hungry mobile devices. Built with the highest-grade materials and circuitry, Eclipse was designed with a mindset to create something outside the box. The Power Bank comes equipped with an intelligent LCD display that precisely keeps track of remaining power as well as charging currents. Eclipse's 180° rotating LED lamp is another state-of-the-art feature that sets its standard high. A great tool for indoor and outdoor activities, the Power Bank's integrated 10 watt LED lamp is rotatable up to 180°. An 8-Pin Lightning adapter to charge iOS devices comes with the Power Bank. It is a Best Quality Power Bank which provides the facility of charging while on the go on anywhere at anytime.



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