4 IN 1 Noosy SIM Card Adapter Kit Nano, Micro,Needle For iPhone 5 4S

  • Micro Sim Adapter
  • Nano Sim Adapter
  • Niddle/Pin/Adapter
  • 4 in 1 Pack
  • Exact Fitness
  • For All Phones and Tab Models

Interchanging your cell phone is convenient with this 3 in 1 adapter kit Perfect for travel or switching cell phones occasionally 3 in 1 = nano SIM TO micro SIM / nano SIM TO SIM / micro SIM TO SIM. Convert nano SIM size (i.e. iPhone 5) into micro SIM format cell phone. Convert micro SIM size (i.e. iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy SIII etc.) into standard SIM format cell phone.



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