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4-player Magnetic Ludo Snake & Ladder Game For Kids

by Toys Rus

4-player magnetic ludo + snake & ladder game in fine & good quality plastic. Entertaining game for the entire family.The magnetic ludo snakes and ladder board game is meant to entertain the whole family, and not only kids. Two to four players can enjoy this game at a time. This ludo snakes and ladders game features a double sided playing board. The ludo game is printed on one side, while the other one has snakes and ladders. Along with the board, you can even expect a dice and 16 pawns in four colors. Get this ludo board game for your little one and watch him or her enjoy playing it.
Easy and fun to playBoth the board games in the megic ludo snakes and ladder are quite easy to play. Ludo requires every player to have four same-colored pawns. Their task is to roll the dice and remove each of their pawns from their respective homes and take them to the finishing line. The player who manages to take all the four pawns to the finish line first, wins the game. As for the snakes and ladder board game, it requires you to save yourself from snakes and reach the number 100 before the other players.