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AKG Earphone For Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus - Titanium Grey

by Antique Gadgets

AKG By Harman BitAudiophiles Rejoice: you can hear the music as its meant to be heard because Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ feature high-quality 32-bit PCM and DSD64/128 playback support plus, the included new earphones not only offer premium sound by AKG by Harman bit, they fit better and your ears stay comfortable as you rock out. DSD64 & DSD128 Playback can be limited depending on file format.

  • OFFICIAL Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Headphones – Highly desirable headphones with HIGH QUALITY acoustics to send you into another dimension
  • Samsung and AKG Collaborate – Specialist in engineering and designing sound equipment with the leaders of innovative technology. CRYSTAL CLEAR CRISPY SOUND
  • DURABLE design – Extra layer of fabric not only to make it look sleeker but to protect your actual wire from being damaged by sharp objects.
  • Functionality: 3 Buttons, Pause/Play, Volume UP and Down + a Mic for phone calls
  • 100% genuine out of the box galaxy S8 and S8 Plus earphones in titanium grey