Bathrobe Embroidery Design

  • 100% cotton
  • QUALITY & COMFORT: This Premium Terry Robe is pure luxury. Made from 100% Cotton you can find this super soft and plush robe hanging in luxury hotels and spas around the world.
  • EXPERT DESIGN: The Luxury Style Bathrobe is the perfect robe for the gym, spa, sauna, steam room or for just lounging at home. The lightweight shawl design makes this the most comfortable robe you can buy.
  • SECURE & PRACTICAL: No more embarrasing moments! Each Terry Robe is equipped with double belt loops so make sure your robe will never come undone. The two the generous front pockets make it easy to carry your keys, phone, wallet, hairbrush or shampoo
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Caring bathrobe is easy! Simply drop it in the washing machine on cold and tumble dry on low. Our quick drying, super durable robes will last for years.