Battery AAA Camelion Heavy Duty 4 Cell Pack —

Battery AAA Camelion Heavy Duty 4 Cell Pack

by Usama Akram


Camelion Zinc Carbon batteries are a great choice for small household electronic devises that need continuous power such as clocks, flashlights, remote controls and transistor radios. Manganese dioxide used for the positive material and zinc/ammonium chloride for the electrlyte in a leakage proof structure. These, general purpose, batteries offer a long shelf life as well as reliability, versatility and savings

Technical Data

Int. Frame size to IEC R03P
Frame size AAA
Dimensions (Ø x L mm) 10,0 x 44,3
Weight (g) 7,2
Electrochemical System 

Zinc manganese dioxide/

Zinc/ammonium chloride-
Nominal Capacity 550mAh bis 0,8V

(20° ± 2° C rated capacity at 25mA

continuous drain)
Nominal Voltage 1,5V
Jacket Metal


Packdge Includes:

4X Camilion  Heavy Duty  Batteries