Canon EOS V Shape Water And Shockproof Triangle Bag For DSLR —

Canon EOS V Shape Water And Shockproof Triangle Bag For DSLR

by Usama Akram


  • Imported at worlds top standard
  • Water Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • Soft interior Protect camera from scratches

Camera bag Canon - a convenient light bag for a SLR camera. The bag is compact, and therefore convenient to carry. 
Stylish wear-resistant with reliable metal fasteners, Canon bag provides high-quality and functional protection of your camera. 
Easy to use thanks to the strengthened upper handle and removable shoulder strap. To buy a Canon bag means to invest money in a really high-quality product. 
The inner compartment is made of a soft material to protect your camera. 
Contains a standard SLR camera and a whale lens.





  Material: Nylon
  Color: Black
Material: textiles 
Outer dimensions 17x10x23cm

Package Including:


1 X Camera Bag 
1 X Shoulder Strap


Compatible With:


Canon DSLR

Canon  450D ( Rebel xsi /  Kiss X2) 
Canon  500D ( Rebel T1i /  Kiss X3) 
Canon  550D ( Rebel T2i /  Kiss X4) 
Canon  600D ( Rebel T3i /  Kiss X5) 
Canon  650D ( Rebel T4i /  Kiss X6) 
Canon  700D ( Rebel T5i /  Kiss X7) 

Canon 760D

Canon 77D
Canon  1000D ( Rebel XS / Kiss F Digital) 
Canon  1100D ( Rebel T3 /  Kiss X50) 
Canon  5D 5D MarkII 5D MarkIII 
Canon  6D 7D 
Canon  50D 60D 60Da 70D 80D
or Length of camera and lens < 18cm