Diana of London Bio 2 Vitamin Booster

  • Cocktails of Vitamins, Plant Stem Cells, Bio-Sourced, Oxygen Technology Boost your nail with the Bio 2 Vitamin booster “ A therapy base coat” that provides efficient response to dry and brittle nails, through a cocktails of Vitamins and pure botanical oils that have been selected especially to impart essential nutrition and moisture, resulting in healthy and rejuvenated nails. Enriched with Vitamin A, B5, C & E, Argan oil, Hexanal Oxygen carrier, Rose stem cells and bio-sourced patented plasticizer. Water-proof to protect and reduce water penetration in the film and nail plate, helps fortify nail keratin to resist splitting or cracking, promotes anti-oxidation and prevents premature ageing of the nail’s keratin. Improves the condition of the nail after 4 weeks of regular use. APPLICATION: Apply to clean & dry nails. Repeat application every week regularly to promote healthy nail growth. As a base coat: one coat under nail polish will strengthen nails and increase wear. As a shiny nail make – up: apply two coats, will improve the condition of the nail.


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