DZ09 GSM Smart Watch with TF Card Option - Golden —

DZ09 GSM Smart Watch with TF Card Option - Golden

by Antique Gadgets

The Smart Watch For All!!

Why is it for all? Because it has everything you need at the palm of your hand. A smart watch makes a users life easy and convenient, it immediately enables the need to check the phone over and over again for every notification that is received. Having a smart watch, enables you to promptly reply back to messages, make calls or even answer them, keep a track of your time, have quick access to any mails and other handy applications like the calculator, calendar and alam clock! The smart watch has multiple settings to notify, vibration being the most useful one, since you\'ll be able to feel that on your skin.

What makes the DZ09, special? It\'s a Facebook and WhatsApp edition watch, that gives you all day access to both of these applications so that you can be available to colleagues and family members, all the time!