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Junaid Jamshed - 100ml Men Zarar Gold Perfume

by Junaid Jamshed
ZARAR Gold is a premium addition to our collection of fine fragrances. It celebrates strength, vision and success inspired by the hardcore regal life full of passion. The finest ingredients were handpicked for this composition that established this provocative, courageous and optimistic fragrance. It instantly freshens up the senses with the perfect accord of leathery, chypre and musky appeal along with the rejuvenating fruitiness making it an enticing choice for the virile. The top notes are a tantalizing citrus splurge of bergamot, black currant, red apple and pineapple. Taken over by the floral heart of jasmine, rose with patchouli and birch. The fragrance seasons well with the musky base of oak moss and amber rested on the creamy vanilla base. Main Accords: Fruity, Sweet, Leather, Smoky, Woody.